Halo Fence Review

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A halo fence is a smart wireless dog fence that uses advanced technology to create invisible boundaries for your furry friend. Unlike traditional physical fences, this device is customizable to fit your specific needs and comes with amazing features like activity tracking and location accuracy. With customizable feedback mechanisms such as warning, prevention, encouragement, and static feedback, the halo fence is a great tool for boundary training and comes with different subscription plans ranging from basic to silver. In this article, we’ll dive into the features of the original halo collar and provide a comprehensive review of its battery performance and customer feedback.

Benefits of a Halo Fence

As a pet owners, the safety of our furry friends is always a top priority. That’s where the Halo Fence comes in – a seamless solution to safeguarding your canine buddy and setting up invisible boundaries.

The Halo Fence is a wireless dog fence that utilizes advanced technology to keep your dog safely contained in designated areas. It works through a combination of wireless technology and location services, allowing you to set up invisible boundaries that respect your pet’s limits.

One of the significant benefits of the Halo Fence is its prevention feedback feature. This feature uses customized feedback mechanisms such as static, warning, and encouraging feedback to train your pet while setting up invisible boundaries.

Another great feature is the activity tracking system that allows pet parents to monitor their pet’s activity levels. With the Halo Fence, you can observe your pet’s movement, ensuring that they are being active enough, especially if they’ve been getting too lazy lately.

Additionally, the Halo Fence also ensures your pet’s safety through its emergency feedback system. This feature alerts pet owners to any emergencies, enabling them to react promptly and keep their furry friends safe.


The Halo Fence comes packed with amazing features that make it stand out among the competition. With its advanced technology and customizable feedback, it offers pet parents an excellent opportunity to train their furry friends while ensuring their safety through its emergency feedback system. Keep reading to learn more about the Halo Fence’s features.

Wireless Technology

The Halo Fence is a remarkable wireless dog fence that employs cutting-edge technology to provide a reliable and convenient containment solution for pet owners. The wireless technology of the Halo Fence is based on GPS and does not require any wires to function, making it an ideal option for pet owners who do not want to deal with the hassle of burying wires in their yards.

By relying on GPS, the Halo Fence can create invisible boundaries around your property by mapping the location of your pet with outstanding accuracy. This precision ensures that your furry friend stays within the designated perimeter and does not wander beyond the boundaries of your home. The Wi-Fi-free design of the Halo Collar is another significant benefit that it offers. Unlike other smart dog collars that require a constant Wi-Fi or cellular connection to operate, the Halo Fence does not need any of these to function, making it a highly dependable device.

Additionally, the Halo Collar comes equipped with a long-lasting battery that offers hours of battery life, making it the perfect solution for pet owners who lead busy lives and don’t want to worry about recharging the collar continuously. The indoor Halo beacons add to the precision and dependability of the device. These beacons can be placed throughout your home, providing additional reference points for the collar to operate indoors, ensuring that your pet stays safe and within the designated area.

Location Services

Halo Fence takes pride in providing reliable and accurate location services that keep your pet within designated limitations while providing the ultimate freedom to play and roam. With industry-standard GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity, Halo Fence provides an enhanced experience of location tracking.

In the latest edition of the Halo Fence, the Halo 2+ collar, location services have been taken to the next level. The Halo 2+ collar incorporates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity to provide real-time location updates of your pet’s movements. This upgraded feature lets you track your pet’s precise location, which provides peace of mind and ensures the safety of your furry friend.

The Halo Fence allows pet owners to switch between connection modes based on their needs. Whether you have Wi-Fi at your disposal, a reliable cellular service, or you’re in a Bluetooth range, the Halo Fence’s location services are adaptable to all. The Bluetooth connection is beneficial when you’re within a range of up to 400 feet from your home. Once you move beyond this range, Wi-Fi takes over, which comes in handy when you’re on vacation or out for a walk. If you happen to stray too far from Wi-Fi, the cellular mode kicks in and keeps you in the loop.

The indoor GPS mode is an exclusive addition to the Halo Fence, making it stand out from traditional GPS-enabled dog collars. It uses Bluetooth beacons that can be placed throughout your home, thus improving the accuracy of location tracking indoors. This mode allows pet owners to receive updates on their pet’s movements even when they’re at work or out running errands.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cellular connection mode is only reliable within an AT&T coverage area. Therefore, if you plan on using cellular mode, ensure that you’re in such an area to avoid any inconvenience.

Overall, the Halo Fence location services provide a robust and reliable solution for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends safe and within their boundaries.

Prevention Feedback

The Halo Fence not only tracks your pet’s location but also provides prevention feedback to ensure that your furry friend stays within the safety boundary. Prevention feedback is a unique feature that alerts your pet when they’re getting too close to the invisible boundaries.

The warning feedback is the first level of prevention feedback and is indicated by an audible sound and a vibration on the collar. When your pet gets too close to the boundary, they will hear a sound and feel a vibration, signaling them to turn around. This feedback is designed to create a psychological barrier, which helps your pet associate the sound and vibration with the boundary limits.

The emergency feedback is the second level of prevention feedback, which is only activated when your pet ignores the first warning feedback. The collar is equipped with static feedback, which provides a mild shock that ensures your pet won’t cross the defined territory. This type of feedback is highly effective when your pet is distracted or too focused on something else to pay attention to the warning feedback.

The Halo Fence uses a combination of sound, vibration, and static shock to train your pet to associate the defined territory with specific sensations. The sound provides an audible cue that your pet is too close to the boundary, the vibration creates a physical sensation that reinforces the sound, and the static shock is a last resort to prevent your pet from crossing the boundary.

To ensure more effective safety, the Halo Fence features double prevention feedback levels. The first level is the warning feedback, which provides sound and vibration feedback, and the second level is the emergency feedback, which provides static shock feedback. The double feedback levels make the feedback system more effective and help your pet quickly learn the boundary limits.

Overall, the prevention feedback feature of the Halo Fence is a crucial element in ensuring your pet’s safety. By using warning feedback, emergency feedback, and double prevention feedback levels, the Halo Fence Review provides a comprehensive training program that helps train your pet to stay within the defined boundaries.

Activity Tracking

The Halo collar is not just a boundary training collar. It also doubles as an activity tracker, using GPS technology to help you monitor and keep track of your furry friend’s location and activity level. This feature adds an extra layer of safety to your pet’s lifestyle, helping you stay informed of their whereabouts and ensuring they stay safe.

With the GPS tracking system, the Halo collar can accurately track your pet’s location, whether they are within their invisible boundaries or not. This means that even if your pet wanders off, you can quickly locate them using the app. The collar’s location accuracy is top-notch, giving you real-time updates on your pet’s whereabouts.

The collar also uses different parameters to track your pet’s behavioral patterns. These parameters include activity level, distance walking/running, and time spent resting. You can use this information to take better care of your furry friend’s health, providing the right amount of exercise and rest that they need. This feature is especially useful for pet parents who have busy lives and might forget to monitor their pet’s daily exercise routine.

By providing you with health-related information, the Halo collar encourages a balanced lifestyle for your pet. It gives you the tools you need to maintain your pet’s optimal health and well-being, making it easier to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

Overall, the activity tracking feature of the Halo collar is a great addition to help you stay on top of your pet’s safety and health needs. With GPS tracking and activity level monitoring, you can rest assured that your furry friend is well taken care of, no matter where they are.

Emergency Feedback

The Halo Fence is equipped with an emergency feedback feature to ensure your pet’s safety within its defined territory. This feature is designed to prevent dogs from leaving the safe zone by triggering various types of emergency feedback when necessary. The emergency feedback is initiated when the dog approaches the boundary, and it alerts the pet with a warning sound.

The emergency feedback feature works in tandem with the prevention feedback levels to reinforce containment and keep dogs safe. Three types of emergency feedback can be triggered. The first is warning feedback, which is activated when the dog enters the warning zone. This feedback reminds the dog that it’s approaching the boundary and that it should retreat.

The second type of feedback is static feedback, which is generated when the dog crosses the boundary, sending a mild static correction to remind them to stay within the safe zone. The level of the static correction is customizable, allowing pet owners to set it to a level that they are comfortable with.

The third type of emergency feedback is encouragement feedback, which is activated when the dog retreats into the safe zone after receiving the static correction. This feedback encourages the dog and reinforces positive behavior.

The emergency feedback feature provides added security and peace of mind to pet owners by keeping their dogs safe within their defined territory. It ensures that even if a dog does accidentally leave the safe zone, they are quickly reminded to retreat into the safe zone.

Boundary Training

The Halo Fence is an excellent tool for boundary training your furry friend. It offers a 21-day training program that can help pet owners and pets alike to learn the ins and outs of the wireless fence. The program includes six different sources of feedback that let pet parents know when their pets are within the safe zone and when they have crossed the boundary.

The Halo Fence’s feedback types can be adjusted to suit your dog’s needs and temperament. Whether your dog needs a gentle reminder or a more substantial correction for boundary training, the Halo Fence has you covered. Pet owners can choose from different feedback types, including Warning feedback, Remote Training, and Behavioral psychology.

The warning feedback feature of the Halo Fence is incredibly useful in keeping your pet from wandering into unsafe areas. It is activated when your dog enters the warning zone and reminds them that they are approaching the boundary. This feedback ensures that your dog never accidentally goes over the boundary and helps to correct their behavior quickly.

The Remote Training function of the Halo Fence is another essential tool for boundary training. It reinforces good behavior and eliminates bad ones by providing specific feedback to your dog through sound or vibration. This feature allows pet parents to train their pets effectively and reliably.

To understand your dog’s behavior fully, Halo Fence also incorporates behavioral psychology training techniques developed by Cesar Millan. This approach can help pet owners understand their dogs better and apply the right techniques for boundary training.

Cellular Service

Cellular service is a crucial component of the Halo Fence system. Without it, the device would not be able to deliver its innovative features and function correctly. The wireless fence relies on the cellular network to communicate with the pet collar and provide location accuracy.

To enable its advanced technology, the Halo Fence requires cellular signal strength. This signal is necessary to support the feedback mechanisms and boundary training features of the device. With a strong cellular signal, pet parents can benefit from the prevention feedback, activity tracking, and emergency feedback of the Halo Fence.

However, pet parents should be wary of potential cellular concerns that might affect the performance of the device. Factors such as network coverage, signal strength, and service interruptions can impact the effectiveness of the Halo Fence. Low signal strength or network outages can cause inaccurate location tracking, leading to potential boundary breaches.

It is essential to note that not all service providers and cellular devices are compatible with the Halo Fence. Pet parents should verify that their cellular service is supported by the device before purchasing. Additionally, some wireless carriers may not offer the necessary cellular coverage in certain areas, limiting the fence’s effectiveness.

Subscription Plans

The Halo Fence collar offers different subscription plans for pet parents to choose from, each with its own set of benefits. Having a subscription plan is crucial to maximizing the use of the collar and ensuring that all the features work seamlessly. Without a subscription plan, the collar would simply act as a tracking collar and would lose its other functionalities.

The Basic Plan is the most affordable option, and it includes activity tracking, boundary alerts, and customizable feedback features. For pet parents who just need a tracking collar that can alert them when their furry friend has gone beyond an invisible boundary, this plan would suffice.

The Silver Plan offers additional features such as prevention feedback, encouragement feedback, and static feedback. These features enhance the collar’s boundary training capabilities by allowing pet parents to correct their furry friend’s behavior in real-time. The Silver Plan also includes up to 50 hours of battery life, which is perfect for pet parents who are always on the go.

The most advanced subscription plan, the Gold Plan, includes all the features of the Basic and Silver plans, plus advanced technology that allows for location accuracy within 3 feet. It also includes emergency feedback, perfect for pet parents who want to receive immediate notifications when their pet is in distress.

My recommendation would be to choose the Silver Plan. It offers a perfect balance between affordability and functionality and includes all the necessary features to make the most out of the Halo Fence collar. With prevention feedback, encouragement feedback, and its customizable feedback feature, pet parents can easily train their furry friend to stay within invisible boundaries. Additionally, having up to 50 hours of battery life ensures that the collar remains functional for longer periods, which is crucial, especially for pet parents who are always on the move.

Pros and Cons of Halo Fence

Halo Fence is a popular brand of smart dog collars that offer a variety of features such as boundary alerts, customizable feedback, and activity tracking. As with any product, Halo Fence has its own set of pros and cons that pet parents should consider before purchasing. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these factors to help you make an informed decision about whether Halo Fence is right for you and your furry friend.

Pros of a Halo Fence

If you’re a pet parent looking for a reliable and safe way to keep your furry friend within a designated area without a physical fence, then the Halo Fence is the perfect solution for you. The Halo Collar, which is part of the Halo Fence system, provides a host of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.

One of the most significant benefits of the Halo Fence is its ability to set virtual fences that prevent your dogs from leaving certain areas. This feature ensures that your furry friend stays within the confines of your property, ensuring their safety and preventing them from getting into harm’s way.

Another key benefit of the Halo Fence is its emergency feedback feature, which alerts pet parents when their dogs are in danger. This feature is especially critical when you consider that accidents can happen at any time, and quick intervention is often necessary to avoid dire consequences.

The advanced technology employed in the Halo Fence system is another major advantage that pet parents will appreciate. With the Halo app, you can keep track of your dog’s activities and ensure that they get enough exercise. Additionally, the app’s location accuracy ensures that you always know where your furry friend is at any given time.

Customizable feedback is yet another vital feature of the Halo Fence system. With the ability to provide encouraging feedback instead of static feedback, pet parents can train their dogs more effectively without fear of causing harm to their furry friends – a feature that every pet parent should appreciate.

Cons of a Halo Fence

While the Halo Fence is undoubtedly a valuable tool for training and keeping your furry friend safe, it’s not without its downsides. It is important to consider these factors before investing in a Halo Fence to ensure that it is the right choice for you and your pet.

One potential downside of the Halo Fence is that it requires cellular service to function correctly. If your location doesn’t have reliable cellular service, the fence may not work as intended. This could be a significant issue for pet parents who like to take their furry friends on vacations or camping trips to remote areas.

Another factor to consider is the thickness of your pet’s fur. Furry pets may find it challenging to get a proper signal from the Halo Fence’s feedback mechanisms due to fur interference. This could mean that the feedback feature of the collar may not be as effective as you would like.

The battery life of the Halo Fence’s collar is another potential downside. While the collar’s battery life is advertised to last several hours, it may not be enough for an extended outdoor adventure or a full day away from home. Pet parents will need to make sure the collar has enough battery life to keep their furry friend safe.

Finally, the monthly subscription fees for the Halo Fence could also be a significant consideration for some pet parents. The subscription fees can be costly, especially if you opt for higher-tier plans with more features. This could be a significant drawback for those on a budget.


In conclusion, the Halo Fence has some impressive features, including boundary training, customizable feedback mechanisms, and advanced technology. However, there are also potential downsides to consider, such as the need for cellular service, battery performance, and subscription fees. While the Halo 2+ has made significant improvements in addressing previous issues, such as upgrades to the collar and customer service improvements, the reviews regarding reliability and accuracy are still mixed. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate whether the Halo Fence will be suitable for your furry friend based on your specific situation.


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